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  1. Guild Package Application Here's what everyone is waiting for! In preparation for our War of Emperium, we are giving away Guild Packs to EVERY GUILD (old and new) who wishes to participate in our GVG/WoE! So start teaming up now to avail of this great package! It's time to get your PK ON and rock this server! Requirements • Minimum of 10 members, maximum of 26 members per guild. • No multiple account is allowed with same IP addresses. Each Guild members must only have 1 account in the guild (this will be verified). • All members of the Guild must be online during the time of the claim or we won't release it. How it works? Once your guild is approved, Admins will give a Guild Package box to the guild leader. It is IMPORTANT that your inventory is NOT OVERWEIGHT and have enough Inventory Space before opening the box. Guild Package List 10 Members UP MVP Cards 4pcs TGK Guild Bounded 4pcs GTB Guild Bounded 10 Turtle General Guild Bounded 10 Phreeoni Guild Bounded 10 Hydra Guild Bounded 10 Baphoment Card Guild Bounded Quest Items 10 Quest Wings Of Their Choice Guild Bounded - Except Claw Wings and Icarus Wings 20 H.E. Bbg 50 Bubble Gum 100 Berry Box 100 Seed Box 100 Thunder Boxes 10 - Costume Tickets !!!IMPORTANT!!! GUILD PACKAGE RESTRICTIONS: All guild bound items are tradable between guild members ONLY. If any member wearing Gpack item(s) gets kicked out or leaves the guild, all of his Gpack items will go back to the Gstorage. If the guild gets disbanded or dissolved, all items will be deleted. SOLO Package List Solo Package( all items are account bounded and per mac address ) 1 White Relic Set 2 weeks Expiration 1 Sealed TGK 50% effect 1 Sealed GTB 30% effect 1 Headprotector of choice 1 Tidal set 1 Sprint set 2x +3 Stat Ring of choice 1 Poring Soap Pipe 1 Costume Ticket 1 Doppelganger Card 1 Baphomet Card 2pcs HE BBgum 5pcs Yggdrasil Berry 5pcs Yggdrasil Seed 5pcs BOT Box
  2. As a way of giving thanks for supporting Relic Ragnarok Online on its Grand Opening day, we are giving back the love to you guys! For more information regarding donation processes, please proceed to this link below or contact us thru our Facebook page at facebook.com/relicragnarokph or message us directly ingame. Thank you! http://relic-ro.com/?module=donate
  3. Welcome to Relic Ragnarok Online @LetsJustJam Enjoy your stay here in our server and happy hunting!
  4. You can message us directly ingame or type @request ingame and ask for assistance we are always online to assist you Relicans.
  5. BREAK THE SEAL QUEST STEP 1 : How to create Relic Guardian Set NPC Location : Guardian Of Main Town ( @warp main 204 306 ) Talk to him and he will ask you to bring these stuffs : Item Requirements : 300 Cursed Seal (Item ID: 7442) 200 Hand of God (Item ID: 1009) 100 Ancient Lips (Item ID: 1054) 20 Peridot (Item ID: 7289) 10 Pyroxene (Item ID: 7296) 10 Muscovite (Item ID:7292) 10 Biotite (Item ID:7297) 10 Talon of Griffon (Item ID:7048) 10 Rose Quartz (Item ID:7293) 10 Agate (Item ID:7291) 10 Young Twig (Item ID:7018) 10 Fragment of Rossata Stone (Item ID:7211) 10 Mother's Nightmare (Item ID:7020) 10 Matchstick (Item ID:7035) 10 Phlogopite (Item ID:7290) 10 Skeletal Armor Piece (Item ID:7450) Visit https://ratemyserver.net/ to where to hunt the requirements After collecting all the items, talk to the NPC once more and you will be rewarded by giving an access to making the Relic Guardian Set & 1(one) random Castle Drop.
  6. DOWNLOAD To play Relic Ragnarok Online , you are required to have the latest kRO installed. Do you already have this version or a more recent version installed on your computer? If the answer is NO ( or if you're not sure ), you'll need to do the complete installation. And to make this extra convenient Relicans, we've set up all the files you'll need in Relic Ragnarok Online Full Installer. Just download, install and patch the client and you're ready to go! FULL INSTALLER LITE INSTALLER Already have kRO installed? First of all, ensure your kRO is fully patched. Secondly, make sure that you have no other RO servers installed in your RO directory - as these may interfere with your Relic Ragnarok Online Installation. Once you're prepared, Download our Lite Client Installer, one of the file mirrors below. YOU'RE NOW READY TO PLAY! • You are now ready to play after the installation! So head over to our registration page and register your account! • Already registered? Run your Relic Patcher.exe and see you ingame!
  7. Relic Ragnarok Online Streamer Program Welcome Streamers and Content Creators! If you happen to love playing games as well as streaming them, we have good news for you! Here in Relic RO, we have a partnership program that can aide avid players who also stream, as long as you meet the requirements below. Terms & Conditions: Must be streaming on any of the following platforms: Twitch Facebook Youtube Mixer Must have at least 200 followers Must have a minimum of 10 viewers per stream session Must stream Relic RO 4 times a week minimum of 1 hour or more. You must consistently stream before and after getting partnered. You must submit your weekly broadcast to me via forum message or FB page message. All broadcasts that you submit are subject for approval. Partners who fail to consistently stream will not receive their benefits in full. We reserve all the rights to reject / terminate anyone's partnership benefits. Monthly Benefits (Will be given every 2nd week of the month). - Monthly Supplies - Account Bound Supplies - Limited Edition Costume - 3pcs Bounded Costume Ticket 1st Week Streamers Starting Item's List 1. 50pcs Megaphone 2. 20pcs Streamer Scroll ( Gives Random Items ) 3. White Relic Set ( Account Bounded ) 4. Exclusive Streamer Costume 5. 30pcs Yggdrasil Berry Box 6. 30pcs Yggdrasil Seed Box 7. 3pcs Costume Ticket 8. 1pc Gym Pass Box ( 10 pcs ) 9. 5pcs HE Bubblegum 10. 30pcs Bloody Branch 1st Month Week 1 - Relic Guardian Armor (1 Month Rental) Week 2 - Relic Guardian Shield (1 Month Rental) Week 3 - Relic Guardian Shoes (1 Month Rental) Week 4 - Relic Guardian Manteau (1 Month Rental) + Additional P1,000 upto P2,000 Pesos! Depends on Streamers Performance 2nd Month Week 1 - Relic Guardian Armor (Account Bound) Week 2 - Relic Guardian Shield (Account Bound) Week 3 - Relic Guardian Shoes (Account Bound) Week 4 - Relic Guardian Manteau (Account Bound) 3rd Month Week 1 - Relic Guardian Visor (Account Bound) Week 2 - Sleipnir (Account Bound) Week 3 - Relic Guardian Ring (Account Bound) Week 4 - Relic Guardian Ring (Account Bound) Succeeding Months Account Bound YGG Berry / Seed / Credits / Job Costume / Dark Credits Relic Guardian Wing + Relic Guardian Helm (Set of your choice) (1 Month Rental)
  8. How to Acquire GEM Of Force Drop By : Wootan Fighter (WOOTAN_FIGHTER) Mob-ID#1499 Location : @warp um_fild02 | @warp ayo_fild02 | @warp um_dun01 | @warp um_fild01 Item ID : @alootid +3111
  9. HOW TO MAKE RELICAN WEAPONS Note : You need to finish Icarus Wing Quest before you can make Icarus Weapon Quest. Step 1 : How to create Icarus Wing Icarus Wing Requirements: 1x Angeling Wings | 1x White Butterfly Wings | 1x Black Butterfly Wings | 100x Orange Dyestuff | 200x Red Gemstone | 200x Yellow Gemstone | 5x Garnet | 1x Gem of Force | 150,000,000z (150m Zeny) | Step 2 : Proceed to create Relican Weapons Note : You can create Relican Weapons with NO LIMIT per account. Location : @warp Aldebaran 221 135 Talk to Relican Doppelganger, he will require you to finish Icarus Wing Quest. Relican Bow Requirements : 1pcs Falken Blitz http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1745&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs Krishna http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1284&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs Cowardice Blade http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=13004&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 30,000,000 Zeny Relican Sword Requirements : 1pcs Ruber http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=13421&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs Katzbalger http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1170&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs Vecer Axe http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1311&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 30,000,000 Zeny Relican Staff Requirements : 1pcs Croce Staff http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1647&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs La'cryma Stick http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1646&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs Wing Staff http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1616&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 1pcs Spike http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1523&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 30,000,000 Zeny Step 3 : How to create Skewer and Fist of Fury Location: @warp Prontera 105 95 Talk to Pizza Maker, he will ask you to choose which weapon to make. Skewer Requirements : 1pcs Sound's Head Protector 20pcs Shining Spear Blade 20pcs Young Twig 15,000,000 Zeny http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Shining+Spear+Blade&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Fist of Fury Requirements : 1pcs Fire's Head Protector 10pcs Fire Dragon Scale http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Fire+Dragon+Scale&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 20pcs Mother's Nightmare http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Mother's+Nightmare&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 15,000,000 Zeny
  10. How to Make Quest Wings Guide Let me guide you how to make Quest Wing (Lower Headgear). Arranged from pattern 1 - 3 based on their level/effects. Step 1: Angeling Wings, Angel Wings, Devil Wings, Fallen Wings, White Butterfly Wings, Black Butterfly Wings Location: @warp Prontera 93 209 Talk to NPC Little Girl. Angeling Wings Requirements: 100x Moth wings | 100x Sharp Leaf | 50x Snail's Shell | 10,000,000z (10m Zeny) | Devil Wings Requirements: 100x Little Evil Horn | 50 Dragon Scale | 50 Evil Horn |50x Little Evil Wing | 25 Wing of Dragonfly | 20,000,000 (20M) Angel Wings Requirements: 10x Angel Wing | 50x Soft Feather | 50x Feather of Birds | 50x Flame of Heart | 20,000,000 (20M) Fallen Wings Requirements: 25x Frozen Rose | 15x Harpy Feather | 50x Peco Peco Feather | 50x Cloud Crumb | 20,000,000 (20M) Black Butterfly Wings Requirements: 1x Devil Wings | 200x Giant Butterfly Wings | 150x Moth Wings | 100x Cyfar | 10x Black Dyestuff | 5x Necklace of Oblivion | 1x Deviling Card | 25,000,000(25M) | White Butterfly Wings Requirements: 1x Angel wings | 200x Giant Butterfly Wings | 100x Cyfar | 50x Soft Feather | 10x White Dyestuff | 5x Necklace of Wisdom | 1x Angeling Card | 25,000,000(25M) | Step 2: Arctic Wing, Demon Wing, Phoenix Wing, Gargoyle Wing, Torn Wing, Claw Wings Location: @warp Gonryun 35 21 Talk to Old man. He will require you to bring him such as 10 of each Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Opal, Emerald, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. (Use ratemyserver.net to locate item drop information.) Arctic Wing Requirements: 200x Mystic Frozen | 150x Frozen Rose | 150x Ice Cubic | 1x Gem of Force | 50,000,000z (30m Zeny) Demon Wing Requirements: 200x Dragon Scale | 200x Evil Horn | 100x Tiger Footskin | 1x Gem of Force | 50,000,000z (30m Zeny) Phoenix Wing Requirements: 300x Flame Heart | 200x Shining Scale | 200x Wing of Red Bat | 1x Gem of Force | 50,000,000z (30m Zeny) | Gargoyle Wing Requirements: 300x Bat Cage | 150x Soft Feather | 150x Stone Fragment | 1x Gem of Force | 50,000,000z (30m Zeny) Torn Wing Requirements: 300x Moth Wings | 250x Peco Peco Feather | 200x Powder of Butterfly | 1x Gem of Force | 50,000,000z (30m Zeny) | Claw Wing Requirements: 150x Harpy Talon | 300x Sharp Scale | 25x Cobalt Blue | 1x Gem Of Force | 50,000,000 (50M) | Icarus Wing Location: @warp Prontera 101 209 Talk to Icarus. He will require you to bring him 3x Garnet before providing the list to make an Icarus Wing. Icarus Wing Requirements: 1x Angeling Wings | 1x White Butterfly Wings | 1x Black Butterfly Wings | 100x Orange Dyestuff | 200x Red Gemstone | 200x Yellow Gemstone | 5x Garnet | 1x Gem of Force | | 150,000,000z (100m Zeny) |
  11. Head Protectors and Fashionable Sunglasses Conversion Talk to the NPC (@warp louyang 193 55), he will ask you for 10,000,000 Zeny. After you gave the Zeny, he will ask you for another 5 Majestic Goat dropped by Baphomet and answer the questions, at least 8 of them are correct. 1st Question: Who went against who in the last round of the chunin exams? Answer: Neji vs Gaara 2nd Question: Who among these people became jonin first? Answer: Neji 3rd Question: Who is the head of the Intelligence Division in the Fourth Great Ninja War Answer: Inoichi Yamanaka 4th Question: Who revived Gaara when the Bijuu was taken out of him? Answer: Chiyo 5th Question: What does ANBU mean? Answer: Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai 6th Question: What were the names of the summons that Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke simultaneously used to help against the Ten Tails? Answer: Gamakichi, Katsuya , Aoda 7th Question: Who said this line? ( Let's go chase down our hopes and dreams! ) Answer: Hashirama 8th Question: Who proclaimed themself as The Second Sage Of Six Paths? Answer: Obito 9th Question: Which country has the Samurai? Answer: Land Of Iron 10th Question: How many of Jiraiya's ribs did Tsunade break when she caught him peeping at her in the hot springs? Answer: 6 There are 6 types of Head Protector Quest: Head Protector of Fire - The trademark head-protector of the Country of Fire's hidden village of Leaf. Worn by those who have reached the genin status. Head Protector of Wind - The trademark head-protector of the Country of Wind's hidden village of Sand. Worn by those who have reached the genin status. Head Protector of Water - The trademark head-protector of the Country of Water's hidden village of Myst. Worn by those who have reached the genin status. Head Protector of Lightning - The trademark head-protector of the Country of Lightning. Worn by those who have reached the genin status. Head Protector of Earth - The trademark head-protector of the Country of Earth. Worn by those who have reached the genin status. Head Protector of Sound - The trademark head-protector of the Country of Sound. Worn by those who have reached the genin status. Convert your Head Protector into awesome Fashionable Sunglasses. Location : Fashionate Ninja (Fashionable Sunglasses Conversion - @warp prontera 209 210) Item Requirement : Choose 1 Head Protector to convert 1 Poring Card 1 Drops Card 1 Poporing Card 2,000,000 Zeny
  12. Hokage Hat Quest Guide Location: @warp prontera 206 180 Talk to Old Man. Hokage Hat Requirements: 100pcs Slick Paper http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Slick+Paper&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 100pcs Broken Shuriken http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Broken+Shuriken&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 100pcs Skull http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=7005&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 10pcs Mother's Nightmare http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Mother's+Nightmare&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 50,000,000 Zeny Once you have all the necessary requirements, Old Man will create the item for you.
  13. Magic Eyes Quest Location: @warp geffen 125 70 Talk to Harry. Magic Eyes Requirements: 300pcs Black Hair http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Black+hair&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 300pcs Blue Hair http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Blue+hair&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 100pcs Gold http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=969&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 25,000,000 Zeny Submit all requirements and Harry will create the item for you.
  14. Alice Doll Quest Guide Important Note: Before you talk to Alice, make sure you are wearing Alice's favorite Shoes and Headgear. Location: @warp glast_01 180 355 Find and talk to Alice (Make sure you're wearing Alice Favorite Shoes and Headgear). Where to find: Crystal Pumps: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=2407&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Small Ribbons: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=5085&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Once you wear the Crystal Pumps & Small Ribbons, talk to Alice. She will ask you "What can I do for you?" Choose Alice Doll. Alice Doll Requirements: 200pcs Alice's Apron http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=7047&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search 150pcs Reins http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=1064&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Alice will take the said requirement together with your Crystal Pumps.
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