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[Guide] Break the Seal

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How to create the Relic Guardian Parts

First, you need to finish the Break The Seal quest before you can proceed to the next step.

Guardian of Main Town.jpg

Talk to the Guardian of Main Town NPC located at main 206 317.

The NPC will ask for the following requirements:

300 Cursed Seal

200 Hand of God

100 Ancient Lips

20 Peridot

10 Pyroxene

10 Muscovite

10 Talon of Griffon

10 Rose Quartz

10 Biotite

10 Young Twig

10 Agate

10 Fragment of Rossata Stone

10 Mother's Nightmare

10 Matchstick

10 Phlogopite

10 Skeletal Armor Piece 


Once you're done with the Break The Seal quest, you can warp to the NPC to make the Relic Guardian Parts.


Relic Guardian Armor    

Relican Guardian Armor.jpg


Talk to Sigrun located at prt_monk 104 214.



4 Ripple

4 Silver Ornament

100 Three-Headed Dragon's Head

100 Treasure Box

300,000,000 Zenny


Relic Guardian Manteau

Relican Guardian Manteau.jpg.png


Talk to Radgrid located at lighthalzen 318 321.



4 Omen of Tempest

4 Emblem of the Sun God

50 Matchsticks

100 Treasure Box

300,000,000 Zenny


Relic Guardian Shield

Relican Guardian Shield.jpg.png

Talk to Vali located at izlu2dun 127 163.



4 Snow Crystals

4 Wrath of Valkyrie

50 Fire Dragon Scale

100 Treasure Box

300,000,000 Zenny


Relic Guardian Shoes

Relican Guardian Shoes.jpg.png

Talk to Gatan located at hugel 160 221



4 Drifting Air

4 Spirit of Fish

20 Skeletal Armor Piece

100 Treasure Box

300,000,000 Zenny


Talk to Asgard located at gef_tower 103 34


4 Freya's Jewel

4 Billows

30 Fragment of Rossata Stones

100 Treasure Box

300,000,000 Zenny


REMINDER: You can only make 1 Relic Guardian part for every character that already finished the Break The Seal quest.

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