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Harleigh Eve

[Guide] How to convert Zeny to Credits

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How to convert Zeny to Credits



Talk to NPC Credit Agent (@warp main 196 310). He will ask you to bring some requirements before you can convert Zeny to Credits.


1 Intergalactical Coin (ID# 3114)

-100 Poring Jewels (ID# 3115) 

-100,000,000 zeny



How to get Intergalactical Coin



Talk to NPC Simon (@warp main 311 320) He will ask you to make some bet.


Minimum bet is 5,000 zeny (1/5000 low chance)

Maximum bet 5,000,000 zeny (High chance) "Recommended"



How to get Poring Jewels (ID: 3115)

poring jewel.png

- Heavy Metaling (schg_dun01)

-Magmaring (thor_v01,thor_v02,ve_fild03)

-Stapo (ve_fild01,ve_fild07)

-Metaling (ein_fild06,ein_fild07,ein_fild08,ein_fild09,lhz_dun01,lhz_fild01,lhz_fild02,lhz_fild03)

-Deviling (pay_fild04,yuno_fild03)

Reminder: This is only valid for 20 days. You have to redo the said quest again to be able to convert after the validity expires.

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