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Eucliwood Hellscythe

Ban/Jail Appeal Guidelines

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If you believe you have been mistakenly Banned/Jailed from the game, either permanent or temporary, please read through. A RelicRO Administrator and/or Game Master will only place a Ban/Jail onto a player's account including, but not limited to one In-Game Account and might also include all e-mail-related In-Game Accounts, depending on the severity of the case if they are 101% sure that the owner of that account/s has breached a rule in some way. Imputed accounts will remain banned/jailed if you have clearly failed to follow the RelicRO Server Rules.


  • Topic Title: Ban/Jail Appeal
  • Appellant's IGN: Your In-Game Name.
  • Ban Type: IP Ban or Account Ban? (Tip: If it says "You are prohibited to log in until..." that means you've been Account Banned.)
  • Ban/Jail Reason: Please enter the grounds as to why you were banned/jailed, if you know it. If you are unsure of your offense, please put "Unknown."
  • Why should your Ban/Jail be lifted?: You can plead for case here. Remember, this is an APPEAL and not an unban/unjail request, if you are found to be lying in your appeal in order to get out of trouble, you will be kept permanently banned/jailed regardless of what your Ban/Jail reason was. Keep it to a minimum of 35 words or less.


  • If you make an appeal without using the English language and correct format, the appeal will be auto-denied and closed and you will have to wait 24 hours to make a new one.
  • You are only allowed to make ONE appeal every 24 hours. If you were to make one before that, it will be considered as spamming and your appeal will be auto-denied and closed.
  • Posting your Ban/Jail appeal in the forums will result in your appeal being auto-denied and closed, as well as your forum topic being locked and hidden including a warning added to your forum account.
  • Ban/Jail appeals are strictly off-the-record. It should be done ONLY through our Ban/Jail appeal system. Do not PM any RelicRO Staff about your Ban/Jail appeal. Doing so will result in your appeal being auto-denied and closed.
  • The length of Ban/Jail, either in-game or in the community boards are dependent on the rule/s violated, RelicRO Community record, and overall attitude of the player. Comparing your Ban/Jail period to other players has no meaning in your appeal. Please maintain the confidentiality of your appeal between yourself and the RelicRO Staff only.
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