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Eucliwood Hellscythe

Player Reports Guidelines

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If in any case you may have been caught up in an incident with another player who might have deliberately broken a Server Rule, please use this guide to make a valid report. Prior to submitting a Report Abuse, do keep in mind that the RelicRO Staff have to take a lot of time to thoroughly investigate every single report made, so thoughtfully consider the following questions before you proceed:

  • Did a certain player knowingly violate any RelicRO Server Rule?
  • Did a certain player hack someone or is planning to hack someone?
  • Did a certain player abuse any new or known server bugs to get ahead on the game?
  • Did a certain player insult you by making awfully demeaning and inappropriate comments?
  • Did a certain player cause a grave mischief that has greatly affected your game as well as other players on a large scale and has cause anyone to lose something?

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, kindly read through.

Use the following format to construct a report. Fill out each and every section as detailed as you can. Do not consider your report as a Skype conversation – be clear and concise, and include all the crucial information that can help us in coming up with a just resolution for the issue.

Topic Title
: Rule Violation

  • Informant's IGN: The in-game name of the person reporting the violation.
  • Offender's IGN: The in-game name of the person being accused.
  • Rules violated/Abuse made: State the server rule/s that have been violated/abused.
  • Items lost (if any): In case of lost items, please specify the estimated time when you had the items up until when you lost them.
  • Brief description of the report: Short summary of the incident.
  • Screenshots and/or Video File: Well-defined evidence/s to support your claim.
  • Witnesses' names (if any): Any other players involved that may be deemed helpful to resolve the issue.
  • Other notes: Extra comments, but optional.


  • Offender's IGN MUST be obvious and visible in the evidence provided.
  • Evidence/s cannot be more than a month old and cannot be used twice for reporting the same or another incident.
  • Video proof is preferred for gameplay offenses and reports. Making use of the built-in REC feature in the client is highly recommended.
  • Please take note that only reports with screenshots that are clear, unedited and time-stamped are going to be processed. Also, screenshots must show the full chat if you are reporting verbal harassment in-game.
  • We do not accept evidence/s through any RelicRO Staffs' personal e-mail or any other means outside RelicRO. All image files must be uploaded to any image hosting services available; you can use Imgur. All video files must be provided through links.
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