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    Would like to request/suggest to increase certain monster spawns/lower respawn time, specifically token quest mobs (because during peak hours its really hard to farm) -nine tails -sohee -whisper/lude/wraith -nightmare -wanderman/wanderer -pitman/skeleton worker -munak -baphomet jr. would greatly appreciate your kind consideration. thank you in advance GM team and staff.
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    SINS DAY ONE GUILD MOTTO THEY CALL ME A MONSTER, SHALL I PROVE THEM RIGHT? History Sins Day One was founded on Relic Ragnarok Online (255 server) in September 1 during Beta Test Days. It doesn't exist anymore but it has several "divisions" on various private servers, and the original Sins Day One Guild spirit lives on. Who we are: Sins Day One is a mixed Guild, with people from diversified social backgrounds and a wide age range. We are from all over the world, every continent is represented. I can't do a country list, it would be too long. We are more than just a clan, i can't explain in simple words... You have to experience it to understand. Most of us are "ROPH old-schoolers" who have been around Ragnarok Online for 6 years of more, and we like to share old memories, but we're still open to newcomers, of course. What we like to do together: Gold Room (Farmer Accounts are Available) PvP Hunting for Quest Materials Hunting Bosses/MvP/Bloody Branches Training (Leveling Characters) King of Emperium (KoE) Daily - SOON! War of Emperium (WoE) - SOON! How to join us: Sins Day One is open for new and old nice members, for Community Characters like Tamabayan we have our Sub-Guild SinsDayOne Guild Here are a few guidelines : Since we are multicultural by essence, a basic knowledge of english or tagalog is essential. Don't bother applying if you can't communicate in decent english or tagalog. But we are not intolerant, so don't underestimate yourself ! You must have a positive spirit. No hating, flaming, discrimination, ksing, scamming, hacking will be tolerated. Team spirit is essential. We are one. If you are too individualistic, you won't last long among us. Because caring is sharing, we encourage sharing of items/etc among Guild members, however it isn't mandatory. If you feel like "Hey, that's my family!!", feel free to ask us ingame or leave your message here and we will look after you in game 🙂 Yes, I almost forgot to tell you should be a discord user so we can communicate or chat in game will be easier Alliances & friendly Guilds: Sins Day One is a neutral Guild, we do not have an "allies list". Which means, you can kill every1, but every1 can also kill you 🤪 That's all for now 🧐 Enjoy and feel free to ask us for details if you are unsure about something. Look for Xed (IGN : and friends bro) or Ronndel (IGN: Delz) Savepoint: GO 20 please take a Note: RGMs are closed for now (September 26, 2020) 2PM Thank you!
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    Welcome to Relic Ragnarok Online @LetsJustJam Enjoy your stay here in our server and happy hunting!
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