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[Guide] All Wings Quests

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How to Make Quest Wings Guide

Let me guide you how to make Quest Wing (Lower Headgear).

Arranged from pattern 1 - 3 based on their level/effects.



Step 1:

Angeling Wings, Angel Wings, Devil Wings, Fallen Wings, White Butterfly Wings, Black Butterfly Wings

Location: @warp Prontera 93 209

Talk to NPC Little Girl.






Angeling Wings Requirements:

100x Moth wings     |   100x Sharp Leaf    |     50x Snail's Shell     |     10,000,000z (10m Zeny)     |



Devil Wings Requirements:

100x Little Evil Horn | 50 Dragon Scale | 50 Evil Horn |50x Little Evil Wing | 25 Wing of Dragonfly | 20,000,000 (20M)



Angel Wings Requirements:

10x Angel Wing | 50x Soft Feather | 50x Feather of Birds | 50x Flame of Heart | 20,000,000 (20M)



Fallen Wings Requirements:

25x Frozen Rose | 15x Harpy Feather | 50x Peco Peco Feather | 50x Cloud Crumb | 20,000,000 (20M)



Black Butterfly Wings Requirements:

1x Devil Wings     |     200x Giant Butterfly Wings     |     150x Moth Wings     |     100x Cyfar     |     10x Black Dyestuff     |     5x Necklace of Oblivion     |     1x Deviling Card     |     25,000,000(25M)    |



White Butterfly Wings Requirements:

1x Angel wings     |     200x Giant Butterfly Wings     |     100x Cyfar     |     50x Soft Feather     |     10x White Dyestuff     |     5x Necklace of Wisdom     |     1x Angeling Card     |    25,000,000(25M)    |





Step 2:

Arctic Wing, Demon Wing, Phoenix Wing, Gargoyle Wing, Torn Wing, Claw Wings

Location: @warp Gonryun 35 21

Talk to Old man. He will require you to bring him such as 10 of each Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Opal, Emerald, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. (Use ratemyserver.net to locate item drop information.)




Arctic Wing Requirements:

200x Mystic Frozen     |     150x  Frozen Rose     |     150x Ice Cubic     |     1x Gem of Force     |     50,000,000z (30m Zeny)     




Demon Wing Requirements:

200x Dragon Scale     |     200x Evil Horn     |     100x Tiger Footskin     |     1x Gem of Force     |      50,000,000z (30m Zeny)     



Phoenix Wing Requirements:

300x Flame Heart     |     200x Shining Scale     |      200x Wing of Red Bat     |     1x Gem of Force     |      50,000,000z (30m Zeny)     |



Gargoyle Wing Requirements:

300x Bat Cage      |      150x Soft Feather     |     150x Stone Fragment      |   1x Gem of Force      |    50,000,000z (30m Zeny)       



Torn Wing Requirements:

300x Moth Wings     |      250x Peco Peco Feather      |      200x Powder of Butterfly     |     1x Gem of Force     |     50,000,000z (30m Zeny)      |




Claw Wing Requirements:

150x Harpy Talon | 300x Sharp Scale |  25x Cobalt Blue | 1x Gem Of Force |  50,000,000 (50M) |





Icarus Wing

Location: @warp Prontera 101 209

Talk to Icarus. He will require you to bring him 3x Garnet before providing the list to make an Icarus Wing.





Icarus Wing Requirements:

1x Angeling Wings     |     1x White Butterfly Wings     |     1x Black Butterfly Wings     |     100x Orange Dyestuff     |     200x Red Gemstone     |     200x Yellow Gemstone     |     5x Garnet     |     1x Gem of Force     |     

  |    150,000,000z (100m Zeny)      |

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