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[INFO] Streamer Program

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Relic Ragnarok Online Streamer Program


Welcome Streamers and Content Creators!

If you happen to love playing games as well as streaming them, we have good news for you! 
Here in Relic RO, we have a partnership program that can aide avid players who also stream, as long as you meet the requirements below.

Terms & Conditions:
Must be streaming on any of the following platforms:

Must have at least 200 followers
Must have a minimum of 10 viewers per stream session
Must stream Relic RO 4 times a week minimum of 1 hour or more.
You must consistently stream before and after getting partnered. 
You must submit your weekly broadcast to me via forum message or FB page message.
All broadcasts that you submit are subject for approval.
Partners who fail to consistently stream will not receive their benefits in full.
We reserve all the rights to reject / terminate anyone's partnership benefits.
Monthly Benefits (Will be given every 2nd week of the month).

- Monthly Supplies
- Account Bound Supplies
- Limited Edition Costume
- 3pcs Bounded Costume Ticket


1st Week Streamers Starting Item's List

1. 50pcs Megaphone
2. 20pcs Streamer Scroll ( Gives Random Items )
3. White Relic Set ( Account Bounded )
4. Exclusive Streamer Costume 
5. 30pcs Yggdrasil Berry Box
6. 30pcs Yggdrasil Seed Box
7. 3pcs Costume Ticket
8. 1pc Gym Pass Box ( 10 pcs )
9. 5pcs HE Bubblegum
10. 30pcs Bloody Branch


1st Month

Week 1 - Relic Guardian Armor (1 Month Rental)
Week 2 - Relic Guardian Shield (1 Month Rental)
Week 3 - Relic Guardian Shoes (1 Month Rental)
Week 4 - Relic Guardian Manteau (1 Month Rental) + Additional P1,000 upto P2,000 Pesos! Depends on Streamers Performance


2nd Month

Week 1 - Relic Guardian Armor (Account Bound)
Week 2 - Relic Guardian Shield (Account Bound)
Week 3 - Relic Guardian Shoes (Account Bound)
Week 4 - Relic Guardian Manteau (Account Bound)


3rd Month

Week 1 - Relic Guardian Visor (Account Bound)
Week 2 - Sleipnir (Account Bound)
Week 3 - Relic Guardian Ring (Account Bound)
Week 4 - Relic Guardian Ring (Account Bound)


Succeeding Months

Account Bound YGG Berry / Seed / Credits / Job Costume / Dark Credits
Relic Guardian Wing + Relic Guardian Helm (Set of your choice) (1 Month Rental)

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