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[Guide] Break The Seal Quest

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STEP 1 : How to create Relic Guardian Set

Guardian Of Main Town.jpg

NPC Location : Guardian Of Main Town ( @warp main 204 306 )

Talk to him and he will ask you to bring these stuffs :


Item Requirements :

Cursed Seal.gif 300 Cursed Seal (Item ID: 7442)

Hand Of God.gif 200 Hand of God (Item ID: 1009)

Ancient Lips.gif 100 Ancient Lips (Item ID: 1054)

Peridot.gif 20 Peridot (Item ID: 7289)

Pyroxene.gif 10 Pyroxene (Item ID: 7296)

Muscovite.gif 10 Muscovite (Item ID:7292)

Biotite.gif 10 Biotite (Item ID:7297)

Talon Of Griffon.gif 10 Talon of Griffon (Item ID:7048)

Rose Quartz.gif 10 Rose Quartz (Item ID:7293)

Agate.gif 10 Agate (Item ID:7291)

Young Twig.gif 10 Young Twig (Item ID:7018)

Fragment Rossatta.gif 10 Fragment of Rossata Stone (Item ID:7211)

Mother's Nightmare.gif 10 Mother's Nightmare (Item ID:7020)

Matchstick.gif 10 Matchstick (Item ID:7035)

Phlogopite.gif 10 Phlogopite (Item ID:7290)

SAP.gif 10 Skeletal Armor Piece (Item ID:7450)


Visit https://ratemyserver.net/ to where to hunt the requirements

After collecting all the items, talk to the NPC once more and you will be rewarded by giving an access to making the Relic Guardian Set & 1(one) random Castle Drop.

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